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Companies and organisations in the Technology and Research industry sector, from university research departments to private sector businesses and Government agencies, can benefit from Bott Workshop and Storage Equipment. A wide range of products and customisation options are available to suit a variety of applications, and bespoke solutions can be built for you to meet specific demands.

Bott equipment features strong, robust and sturdy construction to stand up to busy tech laboratories and workshop environments. Stylish, ergonomic design enables you to create an organised, attractive work layout that will impress clients and visitors. As a modular system, Bott equipment also gives you the freedom to reorganise your layout whenever you wish, and seamlessly integrate new products into your existing Bott layout as your business grows.

Features to meet the demands of the Tech and Research industry

The Bott range offers mobile solutions fitted with castor wheels (including benches, trolleys and cabinets) which are ideal for carrying tools and components around a large research complex. A range of locking systems, including key locks and electronic locking, can be built into cupboard and cabinet units to protect valuable materials and component inventories as well as investments in specialist tools and equipment.

If you’re looking to completely revamp your current layout or set up a brand new work area, SAC can provide free UK-wide sit visits, free CAD layout designs and expert installation under our Design and Installation Service. Our team will visit your workplace to discuss your needs, and then map out your future layout using 2D and 3D computer design software to help you visualise how your new equipment will sit within your existing space. We can also arrange for the installation of your new Bott equipment, with the operation handled by professional and knowledgeable installation engineers.

For more information, call SAC on 01794 835 615 .

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