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Bott storage equipment is ideal for museums and galleries which require reliable storage systems for their collections.

Robust and durable construction combined with secure locking features ensure that valuable artefacts are kept safe from burglars and vandals, as well as protecting them from accidental damage while in the store room. For added security and easy identification missing items, Bott cabinet drawers can be fitted with foam inserts, which can be cut to fit the shapes of particular items. Rubber mats can also be fitted to the bottom of each drawer for added protection.

Mobile castor wheels with locking brakes (available as an accessory as well as a built-in feature on many Bott storage products) allow you to transport valuable items around a large museum complex with relative ease.

Storage for both the storeroom and the gallery floor

The durable construction and stylish design of Bott equipment makes it a great storage solution on the public museum floor as well as in the store room. Products are available in a range of colours to match the colour scheme of your museum, and cabinets are fitted with drawer-blocking systems to ensure that visitors can only open one drawer at a time and prevent units from tipping.

You can find a wide variety of Bott products in different sizes, shapes, weight capacities and configurations to suit any museum layout. Bespoke designs can be requested to meet specific needs, with free site visits and free 2D and 3D CAD visualisations included as part of SAC’s Custom Design and Installation service.

For more information on Bott equipment for museums, please call us on 01794 835 615.

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