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Who is the client?

Worthing-based C-Tech Electronics Ltd, have been providing electronics manufacturing services to a huge range of industries for over three decades.

With a heavy emphasis on flexibility for their customers, C-Tech offer a complete range of CEM services - designing electronic systems and products which meet the industry needs of the client, procuring materials, prototyping and assembling the products to the clients’ specifications.

They deliver solutions for a wide variety of industry sectors - from medical equipment to road safety - and take on projects both big and small.

For this reason, they needed the equipment to create workstations which were versatile and ready for anything.

When did this project start and when was it completed?

C-Tech Electronics became aware of SAC at the 2011 Southern Manufacturing Exhibition and the project was completed in 2014.

What problem(s) did the client have?

C-Tech were refurbishing their old factory and kitting out an additional, smaller workspace unit. They we needed anti-static benches in sizes to suit the limited space and wanted to buy them in scheduled drops to keep cash flow and the benefit of the larger quantity order.

What actions were taken to solve the problem(s)?

A selection of QMP (Quality Metal Product) benches and storage accessories were supplied and installed.

C-Tech’s requirements were specific and unusual - they needed benches that were wider and higher than most suppliers could offer - but SAC were able to provide them with equipment that fitted exactly.

As they required a large number of benches, while maintaining a steady cash flow, SAC were happy to provide the option of regular scheduled orders which were spread over three years.

What were the results?

One of the main benefits that these new benches provided was greater storage versatility - each workbench could be tailored to the needs and preferences of individual staff. They could also be adjusted to better meet the demands of each and every project.

Staff found they were no longer working on a bench cluttered with tools and equipment - they could store it all away in the plastic bins and shelves set up in front of them, where they could be accessed with ease.

The benches also provided the space and functionality to integrate power sockets and adjustable lighting units - essential for creating fully-functional, efficient and safe workstations.

C-Tech said:

"The team at SAC is very knowledgeable and can help with pretty much anything we have requested: odd height, large width benches other people can’t find, plus the pricing is competitive which is good for subcontract houses who don’t make the profits that OEM’s make."

Mr Brett Tolhurst, C-Tech Electronics

SAC said:

"Customers like C-Tech are exactly the reason why we exhibit at the Southern Manufacturing Exhibition each year – they are a local company who we may otherwise not have come into contact with and who, over time, we have developed a sound working relationship with resulting in them placing regular orders with us. We are delighted to support them in their continued growth and hope to maintain our relationship with them for the foreseeable future"

Chris Eyles, Sales Supervisor SAC

Products For a Diverse Range of Industries

You’ll find a huge range of industrial products in our store, ideal for warehouses, factories, workshops, garages, universities and many other work spaces.

If you require a specific solution or you need impartial advice on the best products for your business, SAC will be happy to help, and we can even provide you with bespoke solutions to increase your productivity.

To find out how SAC can help you with your industrial & storage equipment requirements, call us on 01794 874205.